Jean Pierre Ceton

Jean Pierre Ceton writer (écrivain, escritor) in French language, author of novels (romans, novelas), texts, dialogues...

lives in Paris, France.

«I try to write a language which enables me to tell this time»

To write to the author 
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Man is always alone to face the sirens
The writing as invention of the world
Against a literature of alienation in
Marguerite Duras who sometimes cried to write her books  ( Books Created from Tears) in Duras Les Cahiers de l'Herne  86 

Novels ( first lines):

Letter to the reader  2002-04

Letter to the reader 2001

Letter to the reader 1997-2000

Here comes the time to ask what the Academy is for (Le Monde 02/02/1999)   New borders to literature... An idiom that would be alive... No more stories...
Thinking about Diderot
Let the French language free! (Le Monde 01/14/1998)

The adventure of the Else, Passage d'Encres 5 A quiet Literature, Liberation N°4204
Reality always lacks some literature, Quai Voltaire 10 Dance of the whole body, Revue Adages

Play and movie scripts (abstracts)
Pour échapper au destin (To escape the destiny)
Le besoin qu'ont les êtres d'être deux (The need that have the beings to be two)
Pathetic Sun,
Where is the beach as summer is here?
Lost frequency

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